Authentic New Zealand Greenstone

From the source, from the artisan, to the heart.

We have New Zealand's largest range of traditional and contemporary Pounamu jewellery, carvings and sculptures.

Pounamu is the traditional name for greenstone in New Zealand. It is an important part of Māori tradition and hugely significant within the greater cultural identity of Aotearoa. 

This is why we’re proud to only buy genuine New Zealand Pounamu for our carvings. Each of our local artisans is licensed by the Ngāi Tahu Pounamu authentication scheme. This is the only programme in the world that provides legitimate, New Zealand-sourced greenstone to carvers.

Our membership in this programmes means all Waewae Pounamu pieces carry a unique traceability barcode. When entered online this code identifies the origin and history of the carving, the system guaranteeing the stone was obtained by rightful means and treated with appropriate cultural care.

Go to Ngāi Tahu Pounamu to trace your piece.

Authentic New Zealand Greenstone